LS-125-A Survey Antenna

LS-125-A Survey Antenna

Product Code:LS-125-A
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LS-125-A is a four-star full-frequency satellite navigation antenna. The antenna has the characteristics of high gain, miniaturization, high sensitivity, multi-system compatibility and high reliability, which can effectively meet the needs of users.

  • Multi-feed point design and fully symmetrical antenna structure, with a very stable phase centre, reducing the measurement error of the antenna pair.
  • The gain is high, the standing wave ratio is low, and the effect of receiving low-elevation signals is obvious, and the star can be received normally in the occasion of severe occlusion.
  •  Equipped with anti-multipath choke plate, with anti-surge design, which can effectively suppress strong interference signals outside the band to ensure the reliability of the antenna.
  • Using anti-ultraviolet PC material design, which is both beautiful and ensures that the antenna shell will not change colour for a long time outdoor use. It has IP67 waterproof rating, high temperature resistance, sun protection and UV protection.

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