Product Code:L610-CN-32-20

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L610-CN is a LTE Cat1bis wireless communication module. The product supports LTE, GSM dual-mode communication, volte, audio, camera, LCD, keypad and other functions. Some models support WiFi scan or Bluetooth. In addition, the module provides universal interfaces such as USB / UART / SPI / I2C / SDIO to meet various application demands of IOT industry. L610-CN covers the frequency bands of major operators in Asia, and L610-EU and L610-LA of the same series cover the frequency bands of major operators in Europe and Latin America respectively. L610 series products are packaged with LCC + LGA, and Pin pin design is compatible with NL668 series / L716 series, which is convenient for customers to switch at minimum cost. The product positioning covers the Internet of things market with medium and low rates, such as pan payment, sharing, industrial interconnection, tracking, vehicle afterloading and other application scenarios. Provide perfect highspeed experience for customers in the above fields

Basic Features

• LTE FDD: Band 1/3/5/8

• LTE TDD: Band 34/39/40/41

• GSM: 900/1800MHz

• built in WIFI Scan*

• built in bluetooth*

• supporting GPS*

• LCC+LGA:31 x 28x 2.35mm

• Operating temperature:-30 ℃~+75 ℃

• Expansion temperature:-40 ℃~+85 ℃

• Storage temperature:-40 ℃~+90 ℃

• Operating Voltage:3.3V~4.3V ,typical 3.8v 

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