About Us

Making a Difference

Fides Electronics is a specialized and focused electronic components distributor, dedicated to provide the right solution to the market applications.

Our in-depth knowledge of the products and applications along with efficient and personalized service enable us to build ever lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We are continuously enhancing our product portfolio by keeping ourselves updated on new technological development and market trends to help our customers find suitable solutions for their applications.


To be a respectable and trusted organization that markets and distributes technology products.

This can be achieved by leveraging on people, technology and continuously improving the Customer Service, Product quality and operational efficiency.


To make both our suppliers and customers delight by providing superior product marketing unsurpassed level of customer service and continuously improving operational efficiency.

Core Values

Customer First: To make customer delight and comfortable in every interaction. The reason of existence of the organization is customers

Integrity: To be ethical and sincere in every situation. Encourage and maintain Ethics, Honesty and transparency in all transactions

Respect: Treating people, as we would like to be treated ourselves

Excellence: Continuous pursuit of excellence in everything we do. Every moment in life is an opportunity to learn and improve.